Vintage Rules

All Drivers must meet current ISR rules in regards to safety equipment (ie: tekvest, helmet, eye protection, etc.)


All Drivers must obtain and show proof of ISR insurance before competition. In addition all support and pit personnel must complete and show proof of ISR waiver before entering the pits or any other portion of the race course.


All JH Snowdevils rules regarding race specific safety rules, highmarks and timing, pit procedures, traction devices, etc will apply to the vintage class.


Class will be limited to 25 participants on a first come first serve basis. Qualifying will be run on Thursday and the top 5 qualifiers get a finals run on Friday.


Entry fee for the vintage class is $75 per driver.


All snowmobiles for the vintage class must be ski steered, track driven, have a functioning tether, have a minimum of 3 screws per pitch and a mudflap that touches the ground with the driver on the sled.


All snowmobiles must be 20 or more years old or a period correct restoration or replica of a legal sled. The chassis, motor and rear suspension must all be period correct. Newer shocks can be used in conjunction with a period correct skid as long as they don’t alter the original suspension geometry. All sleds in the vintage class must be naturally aspirated.


Final determination of the legality and safety of any sled shall reside with the snowdevils and their associated teck and safety personnel. A paid entry into the class does not guarantee a run on the hill.